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Safeguarding for Adults

Safeguarding for Adults Training Course

This Safeguarding Adults Training Course is suitable to a wide range of professions including those persons in health and social care, community services, emergency services, volunteers, charities, local authority workers and social housing providers.

The aim of the course is to raise the delegates’ awareness of the different types of abuse both physical and mental, the detection signs and correct reporting systems to prevent abuse wherever possible. The course is formulated in recognition of the Care Act 2014.

Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to recognise warning signs in vulnerable adults with a view to protecting them from harm and abuse. The course also covers what to do once it has been identified that an adult may have safe guarding needs including the resources availble, confidentiality, support networks and reporting.

In short, adult safeguarding is about looking out for the people around us and protcting them from harm.

This course can be deliverd either online or a classroom session tailored to your specific needs.


Course Length: 3 Hours