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Appraisal and performance evaluations

Appraisals/Performance Evaluations

The interests of the company and its clients/customers are best served by a workforce, which as individuals and a team, are carrying out their tasks to the most effective performance level. This is what performance appraisals are seeking to achieve and why they can have an impact on employees and the company performance.

As an open course this workshop will last for 4 hours but as a tailored option, we will work together to agree the depth of requirements and agree the length of the course to suit your requirements. As a minimum the course covers:

• Understanding what an appraisal is
• Understanding the benefits of appraisals and how to communicate these
• Understanding and practising appraisal skills and techniques
• Providing effective feedback
• Interviewing and questioning skills
• Coaching
• Setting and measuring objectives

This is an interactive and practical course encouraging delegate participation including practice on:

• Appraisal planning, including what to do before, during and after the appraisal meeting
• Giving feedback
• Action planning and setting SMART objectives

Please note for those attending an open course, you will be required to bring copies of your current company’s appraisal forms with you.


Course Length: 4 Hours