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Incorrect manual handling is one of the most common casues of injury at work. This course will give the delegate a good grounding in safe moving and handling techniques as well as an understanding of the risks associated with such activities.
This course is suitable for all operators, managers and supervisors whose responsibility it is to select, mount, specify or use handheld and portable devices with abrasive wheels, therefore giving the knowledge and confidence to competently cut and grind safely.
This course covers what you need to know about the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 Regulations. This course is suitable to anyone who is or can be potentially exposed to substances hazardous to health at work as well as line managers, supervisors, health and safety professionals and duty holders with responsibility for such people.
It is important that your employees are fit and well in their work but this is particularly important when working in some specific environments such as when working at heights or in confined spaces. Medical assessments are carried out to ensure an individual is fit to work in roles such as Industrial Abseilers, Riggers, Telecommunications Engineers and more.
Anyone planning, managing or undertaking works on or near underground services should take measures to reduce the potential risks associated with buried utilities, which includes the correct use of Cable Avoidance Tools and Signal Generators. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or death.
This course is designed for individuals who are required to access or work within substantially enclosed (confined spaces) environments in order for them to undertake their works safely and in line with current best practice. The course is undertaken in a state of the art facility designed to replicate a range of confined spaces.
A great course for those persons who are responsible for assisting in the manoueviring, loading and unloading of vehicles. This training ensures that persons and organisations meet their legal requirements and gives competence in such activities as to reduce the risk from accidents whilst undertaking common but dangerous vehicle movements.
By the end of the course, delegates will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the control measures to be followed as detailed in the safe working procedure that are necessary to safeguard lone workers.
This course will enable each candidate to gain the necessary theoretical and practical skills associated with the moving and handling of objects in order to become a competent Manual Handling Awareness Trainer within their relative workplace.
Learn the health and safety procedures to reduce the danger involved in working in confined spaces.
The use of hand cutting equipment fuelled by Acetylene or Propane offers fast and accurate cutting methods to the engineering and demolition sectors. In the wrong hands it can be dangerous equipment and so appropriate training will form part of your detailed risk assessment
A confined space is an area which is substantially enclosed and is one where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the confined space or near to the space. A number of people are killed or seriously injured in the UK each year in confined spaces. These incidents occur across a wide range of industries. Health and safety training will enable employees working in confined spaces to get the job done safely
Construction is one of the most dangerous workplace activities. Last year, in the UK, 42 of the 133 workplace fatalities occurred in construction. This course is for anyone who currently works, or wants to work in construction and wishes to apply for the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) green card to work on a UK construction site.
There are many types of breathing apparatus but all will supply air from an independent source such as a compressed air cylinder or air compressor and can be used to safeguard against a range of airborne hazards and in different atmospheres. Breathing apparatus is highly specialised equipment and potential wearers must be adequately trained. This breathing apparatus training course provides the delegate with an understanding of how to identify safe working periods incorporating the use of BA boards and simple calculations as well as pre-wearer checks, donning, doffing, cleaning and storage.
Hand-arm vibration comes from the use of hand-held power tools and is the cause of significant ill health (painful and disabling disorders of the blood vessels, nerves and joints). This course will also give you an understanding of noise levels within the workplace and guidance on how to reduce them.
Under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, employers are required to take appropriate steps to reduce the risk of injury to employees – this includes suitable training. The QualSafe Level 2 Award in Manual Handling – Principles and Practice combines both the theoretical and hands-on elements of the subject and teaches learners techniques to lift, carry, push and pull objects safely within their individual capabilities.
Hot work is any activity that involves the use of heat, or that may generate heat. Such activities include cutting, welding, brazing, soldering and the use of blow lamps. It is essential that individuals who undertake hot work are correctly trainer to safely do so.
CSCS cards provide evidence that individuals have the required training and qualifications for the type or work they are undertaking.
Premises and facilities managers need to ensure they have an understanding of the core of today’s health and safety regulatory framework as covered in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 when managing and maintaining premises and facilities.
Anyone in any sector that is required to or manages those that work alone at locations away from their business location and who will or may be exposed to physical harm from persons they come into contact with will benefit from this Personal Safety in Business course.
Appropriate for managers, supervisors and safety professionals looking for entry level or revision of the principles of PUWER and machine risk assessments. Content Includes: • Understand how PUWER 98 related to the Health and Safety at Work Act and other statutory requirements • Understand the PUWER SCOP and its intent with regards to safe machinery • Form better understanding of PUWER regulations and how they relate to work equipment

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Manual Handling Awareness Training Course
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