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The Professional Manager Programme

The Professional Manager Programme

Those who manage others, be they Team Leaders, Supervisors or Managers, can make a huge difference to the success of your business through a direct, positive impact on the operating standards and culture. Managers are directly responsible for the performance, motivation and day to day management of their teams - and trained managers do so effectively and efficiently.

The Professional Manager Programme is a modular, flexible series of workshops designed to increase the competence and confidence of your management team - whether they are new to your business or their role profile has changed.

Following a detailed discussion of your specific business needs, a tailored programme of development modules can be delivered at a time and place to suit you and your team - or at a Now u Know Training centre. We can also advise on how to achieve maximum benefits from the programme.

Some of the most popular modules include:

1.   Becoming an effective leader of people (what leaders actually do!)

2.   Professional communication skills

3.   How to manage your time and plan to achieve your objectives

4.   Practical motivation and delegation skills

5.   How to build and maintain a winning team

6.   Managing challenging people and situations

7.   Coaching your team to achieve business and personal objectives

8.   Planning and implementing change that sticks!

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