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National Water Hygiene

National Water Hygiene Course

Course Aim:

To provide an understanding of the need for good hygiene, when working with potable water. 

Course Objectives:

  • To ensure that all individuals are aware of the ways in which potable water could be contaminated
  • To ensure that individuals who work with potable water understand it is their responsibility not to allow the water to become polluted
  • To ensure that individuals reach a nationally agreed level of training, testing and medical clearance.  This being successfully answering at least 22 out of 25 questions in the National Water Hygiene test 

Course Structure:

  • There are 3 elements to the training to obtain the card:
  • Participation on the training course
  • Completion of a Health Screening Questionnaire
  • Successful completion of the National Water Hygiene test

Card is valid for 3 years.  The individual is responsible for ensuring that their details are kept current with Energy & Utility Skills.

Course Length: 4 Hours